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Building MVP

You have the business knowledge but lack the technical skills to develop your product?
Here's what we can do for you:
  • If you have an idea but no funding: We can become your investor and technical partner or create the MVP in exchange for equity.
  • If you already have the necessary funding: We can build the MVP from scratch, establish a dedicated support team for your project, or assist your existing team.

Building commercial application

You have a functioning prototype with a small user base and want to scale it up?
Here's what we can do for you:

We can exclusively provide our technical expertise as an Engineering-as-a-Service partner, focusing on scaling and enhancing your application - or do it alongside becoming an investor in this process as well.

Scaling up your product

You want to transform your MVP into a scalable commercial project or need to rewrite it from scratch?
Here's what we can do for you:
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of your solution, source code, delivery methods, scalability potential, performance, monitoring, and compliance with external security requirements (such as those imposed by financial organizations) and GDPR.
  • Perform a cost optimization analysis, whether it's related to cloud services, infrastructure, or other areas. We can help develop security policies, automate processes, or provide consultation on necessary changes and their estimated benefits.
  • Develop necessary parts, modules and components to optimise your product or add the necessary functions.

Building an organization or its components for digital product management

Are you a startup in need of a digital transformation?
Here's what we can do for you:

We will create the entire company structure to support your digital product, covering various aspects such as HR, legal, finance, recruitment, security, programming teams, support, helpdesk, and infrastructure at all levels (applications, networks, offices, virtualization, remote work systems, etc.).

How do we do it?

We collaborate with branding, naming, and marketing agencies in the UK, as well as numerous outsourcing companies in Europe. That broad reach ensures that we can assemble a team perfectly suited to the specific needs of your project.

Product Owner as a Service

You have an idea but struggle with translating it into technical language and creating a roadmap or requirements backlog for developers?
Here's what we can do for you:

We can provide an independent technical Product Owner who works in an Agile environment and serves as a bridge between them and the execution team.

Software consulting

We provide tailored support to eliminate delivery issues, enhance collaboration, and foster continuous improvement.
Here's what we can do for you:
  • We can provide a software developer coach to help your development team to smoothly undergo the product migration, scaling and transition.
  • We can help your Product Owner to increase their understanding of technical aspects of your product, boosting smooth collaboration and high confidence.
  • We can advice in high-level design and system architecture, security policies, functional and non-functional requirements of your software.
  • We can help reaching the FCA compliance applying PRIN 2.1 principles and FG 16/5 Guidance.
  • We can offer any other bespoke consulting services related to software development.

Use Generative AI to build your bespoke software

Kue AI

Coming soon, in 2024

The Kue AI is a powerful engine that drives the business layer of your software. It allows to describe your product with the large set of the user-behaviour driven acceptance tests, then using AI for generating data sources, models and other application code parts. It becomes an independent, unified and adaptable system, allowing seamless integration of specific components tailored to your needs. It positions software engineers role to inspect, review and feedback (teach) the AI with the changes to the business layer focusing on integrity and consistency of the increment and output.

Key features:

you can teach the AI to make changes by adding more specific acceptance tests and rebuild the code output

you have a full control over your source code with ability to make the custom changes

built-in language versions and translations of not only content but also errors, user interface, prompts, email templates, text messages and every layer of the application, if required,

built-in support for identity pool, message queues, and services, i.e. SNS, SES. i.e. Data Driven Application,

Follow us for more details. Coming soon

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