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Are you grappling with low productivity, high turnover, and team lack of motivation due to improper recruitment practices that neglect workplace culture, organisation, and team dynamics?

We have the solution.

We'll organise your team of programmers and guide you on the appropriate recruitment strategy, criteria, tools to adopt, and the ideal profiles to hire. We aim to create optimal working conditions and conducive work culture for the seamless functioning of your programming teams and overall business operations.

The process includes:

  • risk analysis,
  • identification of factors influencing employees,
  • addressing recruitment irregularities,
  • and consultations.

Are the standards and rules within your organisation centralised and imposed, stifling innovation and team autonomy?

We have the solution.

We assist in fostering autonomous and self-organising teams of programmers. We provide guidance on eliminating obstacles in organisational structures and adopting management approaches that positively impact productivity and employee retention.

The process relies on emphasising our core collaboration values: transparency, honesty, and courage.

We also facilitate the implementation of bottom-up communication, unlocking the creative potential of teams and restoring their sense of purpose and significance.

Your teams lack effective information exchange, engage in redundant activities differently, and are unaware of existing solutions? There's no rotation among programmers within the units, either?

We have the solution.

By improving team communication, we'll enhance the flow of information, collaboration, and understanding among different groups within an organisation. It'll reduce misunderstandings and allow teams to work together towards shared objectives more seamlessly, fostering a more cohesive and productive work environment.

The process includes analysing trends in engineering processes, inter-team communication, and decision-making methods within your organisation. And, subsequently, recommend necessary changes, implementation, and ongoing consulting.

Senior programmers in your organisation lack time to mentor less experienced team members, or the team structure is not truly flat, with distinct roles such as "Senior, Lead, Chief, Guru" creating risks and possible Points of Failure?

We have the solution.

We conduct personalised coaching sessions with programmers, assisting their integration into the team, analysing and establishing a work culture, creating learning and development paths, and reviewing code and current programming practices. We also prepare teams for collaboration with international clients, particularly in English-speaking teams and organisations.

How it works
  • our work entails online sessions and meetings, bookable through the Calendly with the first complimentary session,
  • we work on site should there be a need, even for extensive periods of time. We adapted all work type models.

Programmers lack the time to conduct qualifying interviews and onboard new hires due to high costs and the negative impact it has on the product?

We have the solution.

We take the burden off your shoulders by handling the recruitment and onboarding process for new employees. It lets your team stay focused on their tasks, maintaining productivity and cohesiveness. It reduces the stress associated with recruitment while increasing its effectiveness by showcasing the work culture in practice. Our interviews are conducted in three languages: English, Italian, and Polish.

The process includes:

  • team technical stack, business domain and project workflow analysis,
  • searching, screening and identifying suitable candidates and conducting initial interviews with minimal dev team involvement,
  • presenting selected candidates to the team for pre-selection, then invite the lucky individuals to a day of collaboration pairing and coding with the team,
  • gathering feedback from the team and rejecting unsuitable candidates,
  • conducting interviews with the chosen candidate (if necessary, alongside the team) and extending an offer.

As an option, we offer one-on-one work with the candidate to ensure a smooth transition to their desired level of autonomy in task execution and address any onboarding challenges.

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Looking for an analysis of the performance of your existing IT departments and/or assessing the overall situation within your company?

We have the solution.

After carefully evaluating your organisation's needs and goals, we will identify areas that can be streamlined or automated. Subsequently, we will develop a comprehensive action plan to enhance operational efficiency, optimise business processes, and improve internal and external communication.

The process includes:

  • formulating recommendations for a digital strategy.
  • implementing IT infrastructure enhancements (such as cloud migration and cost optimisation).
  • providing guidance and advice for coordinating relevant systems, dependencies, teams, applications, and platforms.

Do your teams tend to fall into the 'Big Bang release' trap, accumulating changes and embracing an approval-based culture rather than adopting a "delivery first" mindset with quick reversals?

We have the solution.

We analyse your tools and challenges, evaluate code quality, solutions, and deployments, and provide guidance in solution-oriented approaches and risk analysis.

The process includes: educating teams on the differences between incremental and iterative software development, the concepts of "Fail Fast" versus the risks of "Big Bang Release", and assisting programmers in migrating towards a shorter change delivery cycle.

Are you struggling with excessive bureaucracy, a lack of skills in recognising crucial factors in managing programming teams, over-planning, and imposing suboptimal rules (that stifle creativity and demotivate those who feel most boxed in)?

We have the solution.

We will analyse the work within your organisation and implement a work culture and programming practices based on Agile & Lean methodologies, emphasising people-centric approaches rather than processes alone.

Our role involves addressing various aspects of Agile practices, providing suggestions for experiments, conducting workshops on work techniques, error handling, estimation, and risk management. Additionally, we offer mentoring on team dynamics, the role of product owners, and effective communication with programmers.

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Do you need a technical partner to take on engineering side and develop your product?

We offer not just one but four solutions.
  • We set up the team, take on technical leadership and communication with you or designated product team to deliver a ready-to-use solution.
  • We provide individual software developers or consultants as needed to augment client teams.
  • We offer CTO/Engineering as Service. As an external CTO or Engineering Manager, we support the holistic function establishment and implementation.
  • We establish IT DEV or Support branches and subsidiaries in the UK, Europe and Southern Asia.

Do you lack the necessary skills to migrate your product?

We have the solution.

We will handle the migration for you.

The process includes: a time- or progress-bound project, thorough analysis, seamless implementation, synchronisation, utilisation of cutting-edge tools, action planning, and a roadmap.

Our expertise in migrations ensures a smooth transition of your product, minimising disruptions and maximising the benefits of the new environment.

Do you want to scale your product, but the current system has limitations or costs that outweigh the profits?

We have the solution.

We base scaling on recommendations for implementing or migrating to the most optimal software architecture, case-by-case. Does your solution require more scalability or integrity, or perhaps the difficulty is to find the right balance?

The process includes:

  • Analysing the existing system architecture and solutions.
  • Conducting behaviour tests under increased traffic (case studies).
  • Evaluating code quality.
  • Test coverage.
  • Identifying points of risk (SPoFs).
  • Addressing corner cases.

For Startups, we rewrite the MVPs or develop them from scratch in a way that ensures scalability and extensibility in the future. Although it may take slightly longer to develop than standard applications, the platforms we believe the best software is expandable not rewritable. This approach allows for easy expansion to any stage of the product's lifecycle without involving large teams or rewriting the MVP from scratch.

The technologies used to build your system may be outdated for the problem at hand, or you may no longer have personnel in your company who can manage them.

We have the solution.

We know how to improve and maximise technology systems and infrastructure's effectiveness, efficiency, and performance.

The process includes:

Technology assessment, requirements gathering, system redesign, development, deployment and transition, training and knowledge transfer, ongoing support and consulting.

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At kue, we prioritize your peace of mind and satisfaction in every aspect of our business. We are taking the utmost care to ensure your protection and trust in our services.

We maintain professional indemnity insurance coverage of £1.000.000 and public and products liability coverage of £2.000.000.

This robust insurance package not only safeguards our interests but also serves as a testament to our dedication to providing you with the highest standards of professionalism.

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