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We are establishing, improving and analysing the performance of the engineering function within the organisations.

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Need to develop a new digital product but lack resources or a skilled team? Face challenges with your existing digital product? Want to expand or scale your product with maximum efficiency?

Regardless of the company's size, improper digitalisation poses significant risks to your business. Were committed to mitigating these by curating a proficient team that aligns seamlessly with your specific requirements, employing agile process methodologies and using state-of-the-art technology

Digital Transformation

Find the best idea


  • Employment strategy
  • Technical recruitment
  • Cross-team communication
  • Autonomy vs centralisation
  • Coaching and mentoring
Gain momentum


  • Delivery process evaluation
  • Software development practices
  • Project methodologies adoption
Boost your results


  • Outsourcing
  • Product scaling
  • Application development
  • System migrations
  • Technology optimisation
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What's in it for you?


Increased profitability - finance & time savings.


Increased employee retention & long-term commitment.


Consistent work culture aligned with your vision.


Valuable understanding of risks and the true status of your assets.


More accurate identification and improved estimation capabilities - enabling informed & data-driven strategic decisions.

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Success through adaptation

Our expertise

With over a decade of experience seamlessly integrating technology and business, I have honed my expertise in delivering solutions on a grand scale. Having worked in companies boasting 50,000+ employees, I got a unique perspective on the code: I see both the result and the path that leads to it.

At kue, we excel at translating complexity into simplicity. We deliver comprehensive solutions for products, processes and teams (or all at once), approaching problem-solving with a holistic and innovative mindset. Our mission is to help startups and small to medium-sized companies grow by collaboratively creating new software products and enhancing existing solutions to meet requirements and optimize functionality.

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Are you a startup?

Creating MVP

Creating MVP

You have the business knowledge but lack the technical skills to develop an MVP?

Migrating MVP

Migrating MVP

You have a functioning prototype with a small user base and want to scale it up?

Optimising your app

Optimising your app

Not happy with the delivery speed, bottlenecks or technical obstacles? We can help!

Building an organization

Building an organization

We will create the entire engineering function along with the digital product

PM-As-Service & audit

PM-As-Service & audit

You have an idea but struggle with translating it into technical language, split or refine the requirements?

Dedicated consulting

Dedicated consulting

Solution for organisations that need to boost productivity, predictability, and quality while elevating their team`s skills.

Technology stack

While bricks are a great building block for a house, they just won't make it for a ship or plane. That's why we don't rely on one technology - but a diverse range of them, adapting our solutions to fit the problem at hand. We prioritize problem-solving over rigid adherence to one tool.

Google Cloud Platform

many other...

What sets them apart?

In programming, creativity and freedom are paramount. These qualities distinguish the field from others and inspire countless individuals to pursue careers in IT. Our technology stack supports that spirit with dynamic capabilities and facilitates rapid change management.

We can swiftly identify and implement new features without compromising code quality or product integrity. That's the best way to invest in software efficiently and consciously.

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