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Greg Wozniak

kue founder, software engineer, innovation enthusiast

"While professionals are often categorized as either programmers or entrepreneurs, I defy this division by embodying both roles."

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For over a decade, I have seamlessly integrated technology and business, allowing me to grasp the big picture and not only find my place but navigate it adeptly.

Whether it's a cutting-edge product, streamlined processes, or augmenting your team, I approach problem-solving with a lean and agile mindset, embracing change as my driving force. With a deep understanding of both the business and IT realms, I flexibly tailor solutions to address specific challenges.

While technology remains at the core of my work, my primary focus lies on people. I excel in simplifying complex concepts, regardless of scale, location, or industry vertical. Whether it's finance, the public sector, healthcare, education, tourism, or more, I bridge the gap between technology, business and people.

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Registers of Scotland
Scottish Government
The Travel Corporation
HM Government
BioMed Central
Tradewind Recruitment

Kue began as a one-person software consulting firm, tracing its origins back to 2017. In March of that year, we successfully completed our first contract for a creative agency in London.

Since that day, our commitment has remained unwavering – to deliver exceptional service; to foster opportunities for aspiring colleagues embarking on their software industry journey.

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